User Groups

What is a User Group?

User Groups (UGs) meet outside the general monthly AITP meeting and focus on a topic such as an industry, language, or job function. Group leaders may schedule their UG meetings on any day or time and AITP will facilitate the meeting invites. Members and guests may participate in as many groups as they would like, but guests are only allowed to visit up to 3 meetings every 2 years.

We encourage our members to visit each of our UGs and get involved in the group(s) that interest you the most!

Ready to Lead a Group?

Our chapter is always interested in making more User Groups available to our members! Suggestions include "Cloud Computing" and "Data Analytics". Please contact us if you would be willing to lead a group centered around a specific topic or industry. We would be glad to help you get the group started. If you'd like, we will also arrange meeting facilities for your group.

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