Scholarship Recipients

We typically award a Student Member Scholarship and a Professional Member Scholarship each year. Learn more on our Scholarship Page. Meet our 2016/2017 scholarship recipients below.

2016/2017 Student

Patricia RichardsonPatricia Richardson is an undergraduate Super Senior at Missouri State University (MSU), studying Computer Information Systems. She is currently taking a mixture of undergraduate and graduate level courses. She loves technology because the world evolves on technology and it is always challenging and changing. Because of this, she never becomes bored with the field.

Upon graduation, Patricia would like to pursue an area of web development and/or databases. She will also be pursing graduate studies at MSU for her Master’s, possibly a dual-Master’s, with one being an MBA. Patricia says that AITP has broadened her knowledge and awareness of potential job possibilities. AITP has contributed to her success in programming, and related technology areas, through Regional and National competitions. She plans to be a long time member of AITP. The scholarship has helped Patricia in meeting expenses and reducing loan requirements as she finishes her studies for her Bachelor’s degree. Patricia is a student chapter member.

2016/2017 Professional

Zachary GartonZachary Garton will be a freshman at Missouri S&T starting the 2016-2017 school year, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He loves that technology allows the mundane tasks of everyday life to be forgotten so that he can spend the forefront of his time doing more interesting and challenging things.

After graduation, Zachary wants to get into a career where he can use what he learns to design and build equipment and machines as part of a design team. Zachary said that this scholarship will help him achieve his graduation goals by allowing him to focus more on the academic side of his education, rather than worry as much about how he will fund his studies. Zachary is the son of professional chapter member, Mark Garton.